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January 14, 1943
The Casablanca Conference opens in French Morocco.  Winston Churchill of Great Britain, General Charles de Gaulle & General Henri Honore Giraud of France, & Franklin D. Roosevelt of the United States agree on Allied war aims including securing the unconditional surrender of the Axis powers.

At the 10 day conference, FDR predicts French soldiers, sailors & airmen will fight beside the Allied armies in the liberation of France.
January 14, 1963

George C. Wallace is sworn in as Governor of Alabama with a pledge of “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever”.

January 14, 1964 
Jacqueline Kennedy makes her 1st public appearance since JFK’s death & funeral services of November 22-25, 1963.
In a televised broadcast, the former 1st Lady offers her thanks for the many cards, messages & letters she has received. 

January 14, 1967
The “Human Be In” is held at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.  The event is attended by as many as 30,000.  It was a preliminary to the counterculture’s “Summer of Love”.

Guest speaker, Timothy Leary, told the audience “Turn on, tune in, drop out.”
The counterculture encouraged the questioning of authority on issues including civil & women’s rights.
January 14, 1994
President Bill Clinton & Russian premier Boris Yeltsin sign a nuclear warhead dismantling agreement giving the Ukraine peaceful nuclear fuel in exchange for their warheads.

January 14, 1639
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, the colony’s 1st constitution, is adopted in Hartford.

Today Connecticut is known as “The Constitution State”.

  January 14, 1699

A Day of Prayer & Fasting is declared in the Massachusetts Bay Colony on behalf of the accused “witches” who were wrongly persecuted in the “Salem Witchcraft Trials” of 1692.

January 14, 1864
U.S. General William T. Sherman begins his “March to the Sea” from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia.  The march will bring “total war” to the Confederacy as it wipes out much of the resources left to the Deep South.

January 14, 1875

Albert Schweitzer is born in Upper-Alsace, Germany.  He will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952 & in the early 1950s until his death in 1965, he speaks out against nuclear weapons & testing.

January 14, 1878
The US Supreme Court rules that states can not prohibit segregation on common carriers such as railroads, streetcars & steamboats.  

12 years later, however, the Court approves a Mississippi law requiring segregation on intrastate carriers.
January 14, 1952
The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) premiers the “TODAY SHOW” with Dave Garroway as the host.

January 14, 1954
The “Yankee Clipper”, Joe DiMaggio, star baseball player for the New York Yankees, marries “sex-goddess” Marilyn Monroe in San Francisco.




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