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January 27, 2011
International Holocaust Rememberance Day

The United Nations designated January 27 as International Holocaust Rememberance Day (IHRD) in 2005 to honor all victims of the Nazi era.
Today a candle-lighting ceremony will be held at the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

I took this photo at the Holocaust Museum in 2007

The significance of January 27 is that the largest concentration camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, located in Poland, was liberated by Soviet troops on this date in 1945. 

January 27, 1951


Today the US government detonated the 1st of a series of nuclear bombs at its new test site in Nevada.  The site is located 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

The flash from the blasts could be seen as far away as San Francisco. 

By 1957, after having seen the effects of radiation on soldiers & nearby residents, testing will be done underground.

January 27, 1967


More than sixty nations today signed a treaty banning the testing of nuclear weapons in outer space.

January 27, 1975


A committee of the U.S. Senate chaired by Senator Frank Church of Idaho opened its hearings today in Washington, D.C.  The committee will investigate the activities of both the Federal Bureau of Investigation & the Central Intelligence Agency.

The committee’s report will be issued in November 1975.  It will charge both agencies with practicing illegal activities.  The report will say the CIA plotted to assassinate foreign leaders & stockpiled poisons despite a presidential order to destroy them.

    Frank Church of Idaho & John Tower of Texas

January 27, 1996

Former Texas Senator Ralph Yarborough Dies

Former progressive senator from Texas, Ralph Yarborough, died today in Austin.  He was elected to the Senate in 1957 & served until 1970.*

*For more information check today’s JFK ASSASSINATION BLOG. Follow this link JFK ASSASSINATION BLOG

                       Senator Yarborough with JFK & LBJ

January 27, 1926


John L. Baird, the Scottish inventor, gave a demonstration here in London today of his “televisor”.  This 1st public demonstration of the invention was attended by 50 scientists.

The brief images shown on the televisor were of the heads of ventriloquist dummies which had been placed in front of a camera out of view of the audience.

In 1928, Baird will make the 1st overseas television transmission from London to New York City over telephone lines.  He will also demonstrate the 1st color TV that same year.*

**Personal Note:  We bought our 1st “black & white” TV set in 1958 when I was 10 years old.  (Imagine kids today living the 1st 10 years of their lives without TV.)  Ten years later, we got our 1st “color TV”.  It was a very small 10 inch GE “Porta-Color” but we thought it was wonderful.


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