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November 11, 2010

Thanks to all Veterans of the United States military services who are honored on this day.

My Dad, Roy White, is a veteran of WWII having served in the South Pacific as a medical corpsman in the US Army.  He rose to the rank of Tech Sgt.

JFK also served in WWII as a Lt. J.G. in the US Navy.  He was stationed in the South Pacific as well & commanded a patrol-torpedo boat (PT109). 

PT109 was struck by a Japanese destroyer resulting in the deaths of two of his crewmen. 

JFK won the Purple Heart and Navy & Marine Corps medals for leading the survivors to safety and eventual rescue.

When he was President a young boy asked him how he became a war hero, he said: “It was easy, they sank my boat.”

On Veterans Day in November 1963, President Kennedy was participating in events at Arlington National Cemetery when he looked out upon the beautiful view of Washington, D.C. below.  

He commented:  “I could stay up here forever.” 

It was a remark his wife, Jacqueline, would remember after his death two weeks later.  She chose Arlington National Cemetery as the resting place for her husband. Today, she rests there along side him.

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