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Brookline, Massachusetts (JFK+50) The thirty-fifth President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, would have been 99 years old today, May 29, 2016.  Next year on this date will be the centennial of JFK’s birth.

Jack, the second child born to Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy, was born at the family home at 83 Beals Street in Brookline.  The future president was the namesake of his grandfather, John F. “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald, once the mayor of Boston.

The birth came at 3 in the afternoon in the 2nd floor master bedroom.  The twin bed nearest the window was chosen to give the best light.  Dr. Frederick Good was the family obstetrician who delivered Jack. 

The proud father, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., a Harvard graduate, was the president of Columbia Trust Bank in East Boston.  Joe Sr.’s dad, Patrick J. Kennedy, was a ward boss and Irish-American community leader in Boston


Brookline, Massachusetts (JFK+50) Joe and Rose Kennedy had lived in the home on Beals Street in Brookline since their marriage in 1914.  Mr. Kennedy paid $6500 for the house which was built in 1909.

Mrs. Kennedy said  she loved the “space and air” of the community although it required a 15 minute walk to reach the trolley line.

The house at 83 Beals Street was JFK’s home for his first four years of life. In 1921, the Kennedys moved to a larger house in the same neighborhood. 

JFK was christened on June 19, 1917 at nearby St. Aidan’s Catholic Church where Joe Jr. and Jack would serve as altar boys.   Jack attended the Edward Devotion School, Noble and Greenough Lower School and the Dexter School.

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