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JUNE 29, 2012


Charleston, South Carolina (JFK+50) We are vacationing in downtown Charleston, South Carolina for the next few days.

Yesterday I visited the historic TELLIS PHARMACY located at 125 King Street here in the city.

When we visited Charleston in 2007, we saw the beautiful old TELLIS PHARMACY neon sign hanging out in front of the store.

Tellis Pharmacy Neon Sign, King Street, Charleston, S.C. Photo by John White, 2012

In yesterday’s edition of THE POST AND COURIER they ran a front page story titled “Tellis Pharmacy to shut doors after 60 years.”  The article is written by Warren L. Wise.

Mr. Wise writes that 60 years ago VERA TELLIS & her brother, TONY, graduated from pharmacy school & opened their drug store. 

The drug store did a booming business, but over the years that business has declined due to surrounding stores being replaced by parking lots & office buildings.

Tomorrow the doors of TELLIS PHARMACY “will close for good.”

VERA TELLIS, who is now 80, took over as pharmacist in 1988.  She said that now after the passing of 60 years in the business, “It’s about time (to close).”

The building was purchased by JAMES ANTHONY TELLIS in 1946 & in 1952, VERA & her brother opened the drugstore.*

*Yesterday afternoon I walked down King Street & through the front door of Tellis Pharmacy.  There I met ALICE TELLIS CRITIKOS & her sister, VERA TELLIS.

I told them I wanted to drop by & tell them how sorry I was to hear that they are closing the drugstore.  I looked around, signed their famous guestbook & had a picture made with these lovely ladies. 

Alice Tellis Critikos, John White & Vera Tellis, Tellis Pharmacy, King Street, Charleston, S.C., June 28, 2012


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