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January 26, 1961
Today President Kennedy appointed Dr. Janet Travell as his personal physician making her the 1st woman in history to hold that position.
Dr. Travell, age 59, is a graduate of Wellesley College.  She established a reputation in her medical practice in the treatment of chronic muscular pain.
She is an orthopedist & has worked with JFK for the past five years.  She has prescribed medications & varieties of treatment including orthopedic shoes, a back brace & use of rocking chairs to relieve Mr. Kennedy’s back pain.

January 26, 1838
Today the legislature of the state of Tennessee enacted the 1st law in the United States making it illegal to sell alcoholic beverages in taverns or stores.
The law states that all persons convicted of retailing “spirituous liquors” will be fined at the court’s “discretion” & that fines will be used to finance the state’s public schools.
The 1st temperance societies in Tennessee were founded in Kingsport & Nashville in 1829 just 3 years after the American Temperance Society had been established by Marcus Morton in Massachusetts.
January 26, 1808
Today the governor of New South Wales, William Bligh, was arrested by Major George Johnson & the New South Wales Corps under his command.
                                 Governor William Bligh
The Governor has made many enemies among the most influential families in the colony.  He also has made controversial rulings such as the banning of the use of spirits in payment for goods.*
*The revolt will be the only successful armed takeover of government in Australia’s history.  Because of Governor Bligh’s ruling on spirits, historians will call it “The Rum Rebellion”. 
Bligh, who was found hiding under his bed,  will be held in custody for a year refusing to go back to England until he is officially relieved.  The colony remained under martial law until General Lachlan Macquarie arrived as the new governor in 1810. 
Major Johnson went under court martial for mutiny, was found guilty, but received a light sentence.  He was able to return to his Sydney home as a free citizen.  The NSW Corps, however, was disbanded.
January 26, 1788
17 years after the discovery of the continent by James Cook, Captain Arthur Phillip has arrived in Port Jackson (Sydney Cove) & Botany Bay with the 1st convicts banished from EnglandThe fleet of 11 ships has been at sea for  8 months.

New South Wales has been planned as a penal colony & Captain Phillip has been directed to establish an agricultural work camp for British convicts.

Before leaving England, Captain Phillip declared:  “In a new country there will be no slavery and hence no slaves.”
Governor Lachlan Macquarie will make the 30th anniversary of this day a public holiday in 1818.  It will be celebrated by the firing of 30 guns.

In 1937, the celebration will include the 1st Sydney Regatta.  In 1988, the Bicentenary Celebration will see the arrival of Tall Ships from around the world & the 1st re-enactment of the landing of the fleet.

                          Governor Lachlan Macquarie
January 26, 2011 “AUSTRALIA DAY” has been celebrated. (At the time of this post, it is 4:30 a.m. January 27 in New South Wales).  

I want to thank all the Australian visitors to my blog & hope you had a great day of celebration.  
My mum was born in Sydney in 1925 & came to the US to marry my dad who she met during WWII.  
I have visited Sydney twice in my life, the 1st time in 1981 with my wife & again in July 2010 with my daughter.  Australia is a fantastic country & her people are wonderful. 
Good wishes to all our relatives & friends “Down Under”.
Jennifer at the Hyde Park Barracks Museum & John & Jen in the Blue Mts.


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