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November  4, 1960


Chicago, Illinois (JFK+50) Senator John F. Kennedy completed a day of campaigning in 4 cities & 3 states tonight here in the Windy City.


1960 Kennedy Bumper Sticker, JFK Library Image


With Election Day just 4 days away, the Democratic Party’s nominee said at the Chicago Auditorium:

“This campaign (ends) & on Tuesday you have to make your judgment…not merely about the…candidates…but…about yourselves, what you believe, what you stand for…as citizens…”   

Senator Kennedy continued…

“I believe the 1960s can be years of promise for America & I hope on November 8 that all of us working together…can begin a great effort to insure peace…”

Before flying to Chicago, Mr. Kennedy was in Toledo, Ohio  where he spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters at the Court House.  


Toledo Courthouse


He said:

“All of us have seen elephants (that) grab the tail of the elephant in front of them.  Well, Dick (Nixon) grabbed that tail in 1952 & 1956, but now he is running.

This state is key.  Whoever carries Ohio will carry the United States.  

So give us your hand, your voice, (&) your vote.”

Earlier in Roanoke, Virginia, JFK said:

“This state & country is going to have to do better. That is the real issue.  If you are satisfied, Mr. Nixon is your candidate.  But if you share my view that the Republican Party is not equipped…to lead…in a changing…time, you should place your confidence in the Democratic Party.”

And in Norfolk, where Senator Kennedy began the busy day of campaigning, he said:

“The light is in the window.  Massachusetts & Virginia both went wrong in the last 8 years, but the people of Virginia have begun to look to the future.”*

*JFK would win Illinois by only .19% of the popular vote & he lost both Ohio & Virginia by more than 5% of the popular vote.  

Despite his failure to win Ohio & Virginia, JFK won the election 303-219.

JFK was the last presidential candidate to lose Ohio but win the election. 



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