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JANUARY 3, 1961

50 years ago today, President Eisenhower closed the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba.

The US officially severed diplomatic relations with the government of Cuba under Fidel Castro.

Castro, who came to power in 1959, had signed a trade agreement with the USSR in early 1960.  In response, the U.S. began financing & training Cuban exiles to prepare to overthrow Castro.

JFK inherited this CIA operation when he became President in January 1961.  Less than 3 months later, the new President approved the U.S. backed invasion of Cuba at the “Bay of Pigs”.  

Check back on April 17, 2011 & we will discuss what has been described as one of the “top ten Presidential mistakes in U.S. history”.

JANUARY 3, 1967

The killer of Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK’s alleged assassin, JACK RUBY, dies in Dallas, Texas.

Ruby, who had ties to organized crime dating back to his hometown of Chicago, operated night clubs in Dallas in 1963.  
He had been found guilty of murder but the Texas Court of Appeals overturned his death sentence & Ruby was awaiting a new trial when he died of cancer in a Dallas hospital.

Jack Ruby had expressed concern about his safety while in jail in Dallas.  In an interview with Earl Warren, Ruby asked to be taken to Washington, D.C. where he could “tell the truth”.  

Warren did not approve the move & Ruby never told his complete story.  He did, however, say these words in a filmed interview:

“The world will never know the true facts of what occurred–my motives.  Unfortunately, the people that had so much to gain….will never let the true facts come above board to the world.”

JANUARY 3, 1952

The TV show, “DRAGNET”, debuts starring Jack Webb as Sergeant Joe Friday.  This was the first television series filmed in Hollywood.  

Webb was the popular show’s producer, director & star.

JANUARY 3, 1959

President Eisenhower issues a proclamation admitting ALASKA to the Union as the 49th State.  The United States purchased the territory from Russia in 1867 for $7 million.  

Secretary of State William Seward was criticized for the purchase.  It was called “Seward’s Icebox”.

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