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A new book has been published by Gallery Books titled “The Kennedy Detail”.  It is written by Gerald Blaine with Lisa McCubbin.  The cover reads “JFK’s Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence”.  I have just begun reading this book.  

This Saturday, November 20, the author will give a talk at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas.  This event is to be telecast at some time within the month on CSPAN.  

Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent who ran to JFK’s car at the time of the shooting, has written the “Foreward” for the book and is to appear at the Sixth Floor Museum as well.  

There is also a documentary to be telecast on November 22, 2010 on the Discovery Channel (“The Kennedy Detail”).

You may wish to check out the Sixth Floor Museum and Discovery Channel websites which will have more information on “The Kennedy Detail”.

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