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JUNE 30, 2012


Charleston, South Carolina (JFK+50) We are vacationing in downtown Charleston, South Carolina for the next few days.

Today we drove down to the BATTERY & passed the historic FORT SUMTER HOUSE at 1 King Street.

The Fort Sumter House, One King Street, Photo by John White, 2012

The Fort Sumter House was built in 1923 & described as “the only luxury hotel on the Peninsula.”*

*Today the Fort Sumter House is no longer a hotel but luxury condominiums. 

The Fort Sumter House, Charleston, S.C. Photo by John White, 2012

In January 1942, John F. Kennedy stayed at the Fort Sumter House with his girlfriend, INGA MARIE ARVAD, during 2 weekends.**

Inga, a former Miss Denmark, had been introduced to JFK in Washington by his sister Kathleen who was a co-worker at the Washington Times-Herald.

Their relationship lasted from the Fall of 1941 to late February 1942. 

Because the FBI suspected Inga of being a Nazi spy, Jack & Inga’s room at the Fort Sumter House was bugged & the telephone tapped.

JFK had been transferred by the US NAVY to a desk job in Charleston on January 12, 1942 because of his relationship with Inga, but she visited him here 3 times.

The 1st 2 weekends they spent together at the Fort Sumter House Hotel & the 3rd at the FRANCES MARION HOTEL.

Frances Marion Hotel, King Street, Charleston, S.C. Photo by John White, 2012


 While they spent most of the time in their room, they apparently found time to go shopping on KING STREET & attend mass at the CATHEDRAL OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST.

**Inga was 28 years old in the fall of 1941 while JFK was 24.  Jack’s ‘pet name’ for his girlfriend was “Inga Binga”.

SOURCE:  www.charlestonstage.com

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