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October 7 & 8, 2011  


         The Washington Monument
         Photo by John White (2011)

Washington, D.C. (JFK+50) While we were unable to actually “visit” the Washington Monument during our recent trip to the Nation’s Capital, the tallest stone structure in the world was visible from our hotel room window near Dupont Circle & from many of the places around town we did visit.

     Top of the Washington Monument
            Photo by John White (2011)

The monument, also the world’s tallest obelisk at 555+ feet, has been closed to the public since the recent earthquake of August 23, 2011.

On our 2nd day in D.C., September 26, 2011, the National Park Service announced the monument would be closed indefinitely due to structural damage.

The Washington Monument was designed by Robert Mills.  Construction began in 1848 & was completed in 1884.

              Jennifer White Supports
          The Washington Monument
          Photo by John White (2011)

October 7, 1963


Washington, D.C. (JFK+50) President John F. Kennedy signed the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963 today in the Treaty Room at the White House.

JFK Signs the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
        The White House Treaty Room
                      October 7, 1963
          Photo by Robert Knudsen

                JFK Library Photo

The President said:

“Today the fear is a little less & the hope a little more.  This limited treaty can only survive if it has from others the determined support which I hereby pledge on behalf of the United States.”

The treaty bans all nuclear tests except those conducted underground.*

*JFK considered the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty his greatest achievement as President of the United States.

October 7, 1914


    Fitzgerald-Kennedy Marriage
                 October 7, 1914

Boston, Massachusetts (JFK+50) The Mayor of the city of Boston, Massachusetts, John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald, gave away his daughter Rose today in her marriage to Joseph Patrick Kennedy.

The marriage ceremony was held in the private chapel of William Cardinal O’Connell at 25 Granby Street at 9 this morning.

Rose wore a white satin gown & her sister, Agnes, served as Maid of Honor.

Mr. Kennedy’s Harvard classmate, Joseph Donovan, was Best Man.

The Kennedys have planned a 2 week honeymoon at White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

October 7, 1960


                          Nixon v. Kennedy
                             2nd TV Debate
                            October 7, 1960

Washington, D.C. (JFK+50) The Democratic & Republican candidates for President in 1960 squared off tonight in the 2nd of 4 face-to-face televised debates.

This debate was held in Studio A of NBC affiliate WRC-TV on Massachusetts & Nebraska Avenues.

The debate was moderated by Frank McGee of NBC News.

The topics of this debate included Foreign Policy & Civil Rights.

Senator Kennedy, the Democratic nominee, was asked:

“In your acceptance speech you said that your campaign would be based on what you wanted to ask of the American people. What (do) you have in mind?”

JFK responded:

“If they elect me President, I will do my best to carry the United States through a difficult period.  I would not want people to elect me because I promise them the easy, soft life.  I think its going to be difficult, but I’m confident that this country can meet its responsibilities.”*

*61,900,000 viewers watched the 2nd televised debate.

October 7, 1960


Los Angeles, California (JFK+50) CBS Television’s premier of it’s new series, “Route 66”, had a hard act to follow tonight.  

The 1st show in the series aired after the second televised debate between John F. Kennedy & Richard Nixon.

The show stars Martin Milner as Tod Stiles & George Maharis as Buz Murdock, 2 young men in search of adventure as they drive across the USA in a Chevrolet Corvette.*

*Route 66 was the 1st television series shot entirely on location across the United States & Canada.  

One of the episodes “A Walk with the Serpent” was filmed in Boston & included scenes at Bunker Hill, Lexington & the Old North Church.  It aired on January 5, 1962.  

A second episode, “Kiss the Maiden, All Forlorn” was filmed in downtown Dallas, Texas & aired on April 13, 1962.

                            Route 66 Inn
                         Amarillo, Texas
          Photo by Billy Hathorn (2008)

October 7, 2001


Washington, D.C. (JFK+50) Less than a month after the terrorists attacks of 9-11, President George W. Bush announced tonight, in a televised address from the White House, that “Operation Enduring Freedom” has been launched in Afghanistan.

The military operation, carried out with the assistance of Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany & France, will target the Taliban which supported al-Qaida in the 9-11 terrorists attacks on the United States.

           US Marines Alpha Company
               Battalion Landing Team
                   Operation El Dorado
                         May 5, 2004
         Photo by Cpl Jemssy Alvarez, Jr.
                        USMC Photo 

October 7, 2003


Sacramento, California (JFK+50) Austrian born body-builder & movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was elected Governor of the state of California today.

Mr. Schwarzenegger, who won “Mr. Universe” 4 times & “Mr. Olympia” 7 times, defeated his closest rival by more than a million votes.

There were 135 candidates in the race.

Arnold Schwarzenegger became a US citizen in 1983 & starred in his most famous movie, “The Terminator”, in 1984.

In 1986, Mr. Schwarzenegger married Maria Shriver, JFK’s niece.

           Arnold Meets President Reagan
         Republican National Convention
                    Dallas, Texas (1984)
Photo by Michael Arthur Worden Evans

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