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I grew up in the 1960s & JFK became & remains today my hero.  

I wrote many letters to the White House hoping to get an authentic signature from the President.  After many failed attempts, I wrote a long letter to JFK expressing my disappointment & desire to have him read & sign my letter personally.

In 1962, I received a letter from Ms. Evelyn Lincoln, the President’s personal secretary.  She said the President had read my letter and was “delighted” to sign the White House card which was enclosed.  I still possess the letter and card to this day and it is my “prized possession”.

In November 1960, 50 years ago this month, JFK was elected the 35th US President.  His Presidency ushered in an era of “hope and promise”.  

Although his election was a close one, by the time of his death he had become one of the most popular Presidents, not just in the US but around the world.

Thanks for reading the 1st post in my JFK + 50 blog.  

Please return for future posts.

John White
Knoxville, Tennessee

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