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Denver, Colorado (JFK+50) Last night in the 1st debate of the presidential election of 2012, President Barack Obama & Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, squared off against each other on the economy.

The 1st debate, held at the University of Denver, included discussions on deficits, job creation & taxes.

At one point, Governor Romney said:

“The status quo is not going to cut it.”


Mitt Romney
Paradise Valley, Arizona
December 6, 2011
Photo by Gage Skidmore

The most important issue of this year’s campaign is high unemployment & a struggling economy.

On the issue of Mr. Romney’s failure to go into detail about his economic plan, the President said:

“At some point the American people have to ask themselves:  Is the reason Gov. Romney is keeping all these plans secret, is it because they’re going to be too good?  Because middle-class families benefit too much? No.”


Barack Obama & Family
The Green Room
The White House (2009)
Photo by Annie Leibovitz
White House Photo

The next presidential debate is scheduled for October 16 in Hempstead, N.Y.


Chicago, Illinois (JFK+50) Last night in the 1st debate of the presidential election of 1960, Vice-President Richard M. Nixon & Democratic challenger, John F. Kennedy, squared off against each on the economy.


The 1st debate, held in a television studio in Chicago, included discussions on

reducing the federal debt, balancing the budget, & how to fund federal programs.

Senator Kennedy was asked how he intends to pay the bill for the federal programs he has proposed.

JFK answered:

“The kind of programs that I’ve talked about…are fiscally sound.  Medical care for the aged…would be paid…through the Social Security system & the Social Security tax.

I think federal aid to education & for teachers salaries is a good investment.  There is no greater return to a society than an educational system second to none.

On development of natural resources, I would pay as you go, in the same way as the Tennessee Valley.”

And in regard to his support of a balanced budget, Senator Kennedy said:

“I believe in a balanced budget…and the only conditions under which I would unbalance the budget would be if there was a grave national emergency or a very serious recession.”

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