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December 7, 1941



Honolulu, Hawaii (JFK+50) At 7:55 this morning, the island of Oahu & the city of Honolulu came under attack by Japanese war planes.

Two waves composed of a total of more than 350 Japanese aircraft were reported.

At least 8 American battleships were severely damaged or destroyed.

Both Hickam & Wheeler Air Fields were attacked with an estimated two-thirds of US aircraft damaged or destroyed.

Sources report that more than 2000 Americans, civilian & military, have been killed with more than a thousand wounded.

With this attack, war has come to the United States of America.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt will address a joint session of Congress tomorrow.


Honolulu, Hawaii (JFK+50) I reported for work immediately this morning when the 1st news – OAHU IS BEING ATTACKED — crackled over the radio.  I saw a formation of black planes diving straight into the ocean off Pearl Harbor.

The blue sky was punctured with…smoke.

I saw a rooftop fly into the air.

I was assigned to cover the emergency room of the hospital where the victims were brought.

Bombs were dropping over the city while in the morgue bodies were laid on slabs in the grotesque positions in which they had died.

There was blood…and death…in the emergency room as doctors calmly continued to treat the victims.

I had never known that blood could be so bright red.

I went to a bombed store on King Street where I often stopped for a Coke at the cool drug counter only to find it along with 6 others had nearly completely burned down.

*Elizabeth “Betty” P. McIntosh was a reporter for the Honolulu Star Bulletin on Dec 7 1941.

She wrote an article for her newspaper “after a week of war,” but her editors thought it too graphic to publish.

The complete article was published for the 1st time in 71 years on Dec. 6, 2012 in the Washington Post.

Betty McIntosh is now 97.  She worked for the OSS & CIA before retiring in Prince William County.

SOURCE:  WP OPINIONS, “Honolulu After Pearl Harbor:  A Report Published for the First Time, 71 Years Later,” www.washingtonpost.com


Betty McIntosh Interviews Sailor, Honolulu, Hawaii, http://www.washingtonpost.com

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