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November  11, 1960


Castine, Maine* (JFK+50)  Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the World, wrote in her “My Day” column today that Americans must trust their new President-elect, Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts.

Senator Kennedy won a close election over Vice-President Richard M. Nixon on Tuesday.

Mrs. Roosevelt writes:

“We, in the United States are the leaders, & if we have courage to face the world situation–to trust a President who wants to give us at home a better life but knows that this can only be valid if at the same time we meet the Communist challenge–then we may be able to save ourselves & the world.”

The former 1st Lady continues:

“The President-elect will need all the youth & energy & health…to meet the problems & I think Mr. Kennedy will be able to carry out his pledge to ‘the long range interests of the United States & the cause of freedom around the world.'”

*Castine, located in south central Maine on the Penobscot Bay, is the home of the Marine Maritime Academy which trains officers for the US Merchant Marine & was established in 1941.


Main Street, Castine, ME., Photo by Masonbarge at en.wikipedia


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