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Boston, Massachusetts (JFK+50) A new documentary about the wife of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Ethel, was shown earlier this month at the Motion Picture Association of America.*

The documentary was produced by Rory Kennedy Bailey, the youngest child of Bobby & Ethel Kennedy.  Rory was born 6 months after her father’s death in 1968.


Ethel Kennedy, National Archives, JFK Library Image, 1968

The film includes interviews with Rory’s brothers & sisters as well as with her mother.  It also features, like many Kennedy documentaries,  home movies.

Ethel Kennedy, who continued to live at the home at Hickory Hill in Virginia until 2008, is now 84 years old.

According to “The Reliable Source”, the documentary is…

“a surprisingly compelling portrait of a lively, spirited woman (with) a boundless sense of fun & little fear of authority.”

*Ethel Skakel Kennedy was born on April 11, 1928 in Chicago, Illinois.  Her father, George, was founder of the Great Lakes Carbon Corporation.  Ethel campaigned for JFK in 1946 & married Bobby on June 17, 1950.



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