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Chicago, Illinois (JFK+50) Last night, September 26, 1960,  Senator John F. Kennedy said in his opening remarks in the first debate of the presidential campaign that he is not satisfied “as an American” with the progress that is being made in the United States.

The Democratic standard bearer said:

“This is a great country, but I think it could be a greater country, & this is a powerful country, but I think it could be more powerful.”


The Senator continued….

“I’m not satisfied when the United States had, last year, the lowest rate of economic growth of any major industrialized society in the world.”

JFK went on to say that this is significant “because economic growth means strength & vitality.”

In his introductory remarks, going before Vice-President Richard M. Nixon,

Senator Kennedy added:

“I know there are those who want to turn everything over to the government.  I don’t at all.

I want individuals to meet their responsibilities & I want the states to meet theirs….but I think there is also a national responsibility.”

Mr. Kennedy concluded his introduction, which was being televised nationally, by saying:

“I don’t believe in big government, but I believe in effective governmental action.

In 1933, FDR said this generation has a rendezvous with destiny.

I think our generation has the same rendezvous.

I think its time America started moving again.”


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