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JULY 8, 2012


Knoxville, Tennessee (JFK+50) Today we continue our report of Chapter 11 of the book by Kenneth P. O’Donnell & David F. Powers with Joe McCarthy.  It is published by Little, Brown & Company.

The title of Chapter 11 is The Showdown with Khrushchev.

Kenny discusses the President & First Lady’s trip to Europe.

JFK stayed at the Quai d’Orsay in an apartment which had a large living room & huge bedroom.  Kenny & Dave Powers slept in a smaller bedroom.

After dinner, Kenny, Dave & Pierre Salinger visited “a few of the cafes in Paris.”

The trio apparently were enjoying themselves because they didn’t get back to the apartment until around 3 a.m.

Unfortunately, the French secret service agents did not recognize them, so the staffers & friends of the President of the United States “had to go through the front hall & crawl through the President’s bedroom on our hands & knees.”

Kenny goes on to tell us that JFK was “naturally fascinated” by French President Charles De Gaulle.

De Gaulle told JFK not to be intimidated by Soviet Premier Khrushchev’s threat to seize West Berlin.  De Gaulle considered him to be a bluffer.

Kenny says the only area of disagreement between the two leaders was De Gaulle’s insistence on his country attaining nuclear power.

“The talks in Paris ended with a firm handshake” & De Gaulle’s parting words to JFK was that “I now have more confidence in your country.

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