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January 19, 1993


Washington, D.C. (JFK+50) The British-American rock band, Fleetwood Mac, reunited this evening for a performance of their hit tune “Don’t Stop” at the Inaugural Gala for President-elect William Jefferson Clinton here in the nation’s capital.

                         Fleetwood Mac
                John McVie, Stevie Nicks, 
Lindsey Buckingham & Mick Fleetwood
      Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN.
                         March 3, 2009
                 Photo by Matt Becker

“Don’t Stop”, a hit tune on the band’s popular 1977 album “Rumours”, became the unofficial theme song of Mr. Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The song was played at Clinton’s campaign appearances & repeatedly at the 1992 Democratic Convention, as well as Election night 1992 when Mr. Clinton won a decisive victory over incumbent George H.W. Bush.

It has been more than five years since Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie & Stevie Nicks have performed on stage together.

The band, which was formed in London in 1967,  was named for Mick Fleetwood (drummer) & John McVie* (bassist) by founder, Peter Green.

Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham
             by Bumperke (2003)

“Rumours”, the band’s 2nd album, produced four “Top 10” singles in the United States. 

 The album, which sold 40 million copies worldwide, won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1977.*

*In May 2011, 6 songs from “Rumours” were featured on Fox Network’s television series “Glee”.

      Presidents Obama & Clinton
               with Valerie Jarrett
              The Roosevelt Room
                     July 14, 2010
               White House Photo
                    by Pete Sousa

           “Don’t Stop”

“Why not think about times to come
  And not about the things you’ve done
  If your life was bad to you
  Just think what tomorrow will do”

“Don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow
  Don’t stop it’ll soon be here
  It’ll be better than before
  Yesterdays gone, yesterdays gone”


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