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On December 6, 1884, the Washington Monument was completed. 

The cornerstone was laid in 1848 but construction had to be stopped in 1854 due to a lack of funding.  Funding in 1876 allowed resumption on the building of the monument which was completed in 1888. 

If you look closely at the monument you will notice a difference in color of the marble about a third of the way up.  This is because when they resumed construction they used a slightly different color of marble. 
The monument was officially opened on October 9, 1888.  It has 897 stairs & is 555 feet tall.

The final cost of the monument was $1,187,710.  The architect was Robert Mills.
On December 6, 1868, the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified.  

This amendment ended slavery.


On December 6, 1961, JFK gave an address before the National Association of Manufacturers in New York City.  The President would receive some criticism from the NAM in 1962 for his actions in the “Steel Crisis”. 

JFK forced US Steel and other steel companies to rescind a $6 per ton hike on steel prices which JFK considered to be both a violation of their promise to him not to raise their prices as well as an inflationary decision. 

In a later comment he said: “I have never considered the members of the NAM to be among my most fervent supporters, except for a few who thought I was my father’s son.”  

That got a laugh.  His dad, of course, was a very successful businessman himself.

After the speech in New York, JFK flew to West Palm Beach, Florida.  He arrived at his dad’s home about 6 p.m.

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